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Freshly Spilled Ink

Character Interview: Dai

I’m changing things up this week to introduce Dai Meredin, the protagonist of my work-in-progress, Rifted. Here, we meet him through the eyes of a reporter – and learn more about his world than the man himself. Enjoy! Kit From the Strella Star (Belbrae’s leading weekly newspaper): Our Lives: Dai Meredin For this installment, Our…


Nearly a month has slipped away since my last post. How did that happen? I set reminders on my to-do list. I have ideas about what to write. I even block out time in my week for working on this blog. So why haven’t I posted? In a word, procrastination. I’ve been procrastinating a lot…

Critical Condition

I’ve been busy this week working on some critiques. If you’re not familiar with critiquing, it’s the process in which a writer’s work is dissected, examined under a microscope, and returned with flashing neon signs attached every flaw. It is also the process in which writers realize we are not the beneficent creator gods that…



Written on a page. Rhymed in verse. Spun by a campfire.

Wherever we find them, stories matter.

Create them. Share them. Inspire them.