An Introduction

Ever find yourself wondering about the untold stories when you read a book or watch a movie?

Does your imagination come out to play, taking you to imagined places?

Do you believe in the power of stories to entertain, transform, and educate?

If so, pull up a chair and relax awhile. We may have a few things in common. But first, an introduction – Hello, my name is Kit Bellamy and I’m a writer cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

A Quick Tale of this Website

On New Year’s Eve in 2014, I sat down at my desk to begin the work of creating this website. My goal: create an online space to share my passion for storytelling and writing. My fingers barely grazed the keyboard when my cell phone rang. When I answered, my doctor greeted me.

I’d like to say that he called to wish me a happy new year. Instead, he used words like cancer, aggressive, and rare. You know – all the things that you don’t want on your mind as you prepare to ring in a new year. And so began a long series of health battles, including a second, unrelated cancer.

Spoiler alert: I survived to tell the story. I survived, in part, because I don’t have the good sense to stay down when I’m knocked to the ground. I am stubborn and tenacious when I set a goal for myself. Goal number one: survive. Goal number two: launch this site.

First goal accomplished, I turned my attention back to this project. Enter a new virus that turned the world upside down. Still, silver linings appear when you stop focusing on the darkness of the clouds. The necessity of staying home during the pandemic has provided an unexpected gift of extra time. Finally, progress made!

The Next Chapter

Now that the site is up and running, what can you expect when you wander back this way?

  • Shared inspirations – The things that spark my imagination. It could be a book, a photograph, or an odd find at an antique store.
  • Observations on life, death, and all points between – Life happens while I’m writing. I’ll share the bits that I find thought-provoking or inspiring.
  • Glimpses into works-in-progress – Not everything makes it into a novel. You’ll see character sketches, world-building, and side stories from the current project.
  • Shorter works – Poetry, flash fiction, stand-alone short tales, and other brief pieces.
  • Items related to the writing journey – There’s more to writing than putting pen to paper. I’ll share some of what goes on behind-the-scenes.

So that’s it – a quick, and hopefully painless, introduction. Thank you for taking the time to check out the site. If you like to read more, kindly scroll down and hit the Follow button. Until next time!

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